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when to replace HVAC system

Is Your HVAC Unit Costing More Than a New Unit?

Repair or replace? Homeowners face a question about their HVAC unit’s age and need more frequent maintenance and repair. Our online blog uncovers when it’s time to keep your current system and when it makes more financial sense


Can an old thermostat cost you money on your energy bill?

Did you know that an older or outdated thermostat can end up costing you money on your energy bills? Work with Heating Specialties today to determine the best type of thermostat to upgrade your New Jersey home, save you money and keep your family comfortable.

poorly insulated air ducts

How to tell if you have poorly sealed and insulated air ductS

Do you suspect you may have poorly sealed or insulated ductwork in your home? Heating Specialties can help you identify leaks or damage and get it repaired to have the HVAC system in your New Jersey home working at total capacity once again.

replacing ductwork

When to Consider Replacing Your Home’s Ductwork

If your HVAC system isn’t running as it should, it could be a ductwork issue. This month’s blog teaches what signs point to a ductwork system that needs some TLC.

old home new furnace

Tips for Buying a New Furnace for Your Historic Home

Save big on your efficiency and utility bills by working with Heating Specialties to choose the right furnace to fit the needs of your family’s historic South Jersey home.

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