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Uneven temp in home

How to Solve Uneven Heating & Cooling Issues

Do you avoid certain rooms because they are too hot 🥵 or too cold 🥶? Uneven heating and cooling can be a problem in South Jersey homes. Heating Specialties has your solutions in this month’s blog.

Indoor pollutants

What are the Most Common Types of Indoor Air Pollutants?

Do you know what types of indoor air pollutants are lurking in your home? 😨 In this week’s online blog, we’ll discuss common pollutants and strategies for clearing the air with Heating Specialties!

A/C hot air

Why is My A/C Blowing Hot Air?

Your house feels unnaturally hot. You check the A/C vent and discover it’s blowing warm 🥵 air! Not cool, A/C. Our blog explains why you may face this burning problem and how Heating Specialties will help you keep your cool.

Why is the AC noisy

What is Making Your A/C Noisy?

A noisy A/C unit can keep you from enjoying cool indoor air this summer. 😭 Take a look at eight common  reasons why your unit is making noise – and how you can fix it – in this month’s online blog.

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