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No Ice, Ice Baby for Your HVAC System

Frozen hvac pipe

You know it’s coming … that first big snow that’s a little exciting as you grab your snow shovel or fire up the snowblower. And then the second snow, the third snow … and you’re over it.


Prepare Your HVAC System for the New Jersey Winter

Cold weather ahead

As residents of “The Garden State,” we are familiar with how quickly delightful, sunny autumn weather can turn into wind-driven ice and snow. Before the gale force winds begin whipping around your southern New Jersey home, your friends at Heating Specialties have a few tips for readying your HVAC system.


What to Ask When Buying a New HVAC System

Just like coaches won’t send a team out on the field without a game plan, it’s also important to have your plan for when it comes time to replace your HVAC system.
And while Heating Specialties will be right alongside you, it’s best to arm yourself with knowledge from researching what questions to ask when buying a new HVAC system.