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Zoned Air Systems for South Jersey

Temperature is a fickle thing. Depending on the layout of your home, it can fluctuate wildly between floors – or even from one room to another, if the features in one differ significantly from another (say, if one has large windows or another doesn’t get used too often). When that happens, you can find yourself wandering into what seems like completely separate climates just from crossing the house, and your energy bill can suffer because of overcompensation for those conditions.

Thankfully, there is a solution: we at Heating Specialties offer zoned air systems to help mitigate this issue. With a zoned air system, you’re getting several individual thermostats that essentially divide up your house into sections; each unit controls just the area it has been assigned. You get the freedom to decide how hot or cold you want each part of the house, all without affecting the other areas.

What do Zoned Air Systems do?

  • Zoned air systems function by using electronically controlled modulating dampers – basically, they’re valves in the air system – to close off heating and cooling systems and split them into however many sections you want. It’s a bit more complicated than that to install, however, so this probably isn’t a DIY project you could tackle in a weekend.
  • They allow you and the members of your house to divvy up each zone however you’d like it. If one person prefers to keep their bedroom cold, but whoever hangs out in the office likes it warm and cozy, that’s not a problem. Each zone is controlled by an individual thermostat, so you won’t be forced to choose one uniform temperature across the entire house.

Although the cost to have a zoned air system installed up front isn’t negligible, the money you save in the long run by switching to one is significant. According to the Department of Energy, homeowners can save up to 30 percent on their heating and cooling bills by switching to a zoned air system.

You save money, all while enjoying more freedom and control over the comfort in your home.

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