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Energy Saving Tips During the Season of Growth

South Jersey is moving into spring! That doesn’t mean we won’t have a few more cold days – this is New Jersey, after all. But it does mean homeowners are making plans for warmer weather. Are you worried about higher energy bills as you rely on your AC? Heating Specialties of Fairton, N.J., can put your mind at ease with these energy saving tips during the season of growth!

Spring into savings with a new air filter

Your home’s forced air cooling and/or heating system includes an air filter that grabs a lot of the pollen, dust and other debris that can be pulled indoors, especially during the spring blooming months. The air filter also protects your equipment, removing the crud before it builds up on the important gears and belts that keep your system running efficiently. Air filters should be changed regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If it’s been a while, you’re probably due for a fresh one. If you’re not sure, take a look at your filter. If it’s visibly dirty, it’s time for a change. Remember, a clogged air filter forces your system to work harder to draw in air. Give it a break with a new filter.

Consider an annual maintenance plan

Regular heating and cooling maintenance does more than keep your equipment clean and efficient. It can pay you back in lower energy bills and a longer lifespan for your unit. At Heating Specialties, we recommend our annual maintenance plan, which includes regular tune-ups. You can even enjoy your first month free when you take advantage of our special maintenance plan offer!

Sit in the shade

We’ve all missed the sun, and its warmth can be a welcome respite from the gray winter months. But, that summer sun can also heat up your home’s interior, forcing your AC to work harder to keep things cool. That can show up in your energy bills. Instead, consider using shades or curtains to block the sun, at least during those hours when the sun is shining directly at your windows.

Get with the program

Your old or outdated thermostat can cost you extra money. That traditional model may be ready for an upgrade, especially if your home seems too cold or too warm or you notice the system is turning on and off more frequently than usual. A programmable thermostat gives you control over the temperature and the overall workings of your heating and/or cooling system. You can set a schedule that adjusts the temperature when the house is empty. Why would you want to pay extra to cool or heat an empty home? Some WiFi-programmable thermostats will even let you adjust the temperature from your phone. Check our offer page for thermostat savings, like this one, for $50 off the purchase and installation of a small WiFi thermostat.

Seal your windows, door frames, and ductwork

Even a small break around a window seal can let in the outside air. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, reinforce the weather sealing around your doors and windows so you’re not letting your hard-earned dollars slip through the cracks. If your home has duct work, make sure you inspect it regularly for air leaks, cracks, and gaps. At Heating Specialties, we’re the experts in repairing, replacing, installing, and servicing all kinds of duct systems.

Turn on the fans

Fun fact: A fan will not make the air cooler in your home. However, the circulating air may make you feel cooler because the moving air removes heat from our skin and helps perspiration evaporate from our bodies. If you have ceiling fans at home, set them to run counterclockwise, so they push the breeze downward.

Small steps during this season of growth can lead to big savings on your energy bills throughout the year. If you haven’t already scheduled your annual AC tune-up, call Heating Specialties now at (866) 923-2653 or reach out online. Remember, regular maintenance and timely repairs can make a difference in your bottom line when it comes to heating and cooling your home. You can rely on Heating Specialties for fast, efficient service in the South Jersey region.

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