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Hidden Dangers: Why Ignoring Ductwork Replacement Can Impact Your Health


Your home’s ductwork is an important part of a forced-air HVAC system. Ductwork distributes hot or cool air throughout the home and keeps you comfortable in any temperature. But a faulty ductwork system may interrupt the process. It can even affect your overall health. What can go wrong if you ignore your ductwork? Read on and find out. Heating Specialties of Fairton, N.J., is a qualified ductwork contractor and can help you determine if you need to replace or repair your home’s ductwork.

The cost of faulty ductwork

Your ductwork is mostly hidden within your walls, quietly completing its tasks while you go about your daily life. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong! When you neglect your ductwork, you may not see small ductwork problems until they become big ones. Check out what can go wrong when you don’t check your ductwork regularly:

Your energy bills can skyrocket. Higher energy bills are usually your first sign of something going wrong with your HVAC unit. Something that seems insignificant – like a small crack in your home’s ductwork – can be taxing to an HVAC system that has to work harder to move air. Dirty ductwork can also affect your energy bills. Dust, dog air, and other debris can put extra strain on your HVAC system, and that can add extra dollars to the utility bills.

Your health may suffer. While we’re on the subject of dirty ducts, let’s talk about what can take up residence in those interior spaces. In addition to regular household dust, you can also find mold or mildew within the ductwork, especially during New Jersey’s humid summer months. Every time air flows through those dirty ducts, it can potentially pick up mold spores or other irritants. Rodents and insects might move inside during the colder months, leaving their droppings behind to cause further health concerns.

Remember your air filter, which likes to grab the dust and other nasty stuff before it circulates around the home? If your ductwork has holes or cracks, it can draw in air that has bypassed the air filter. That’s one more thing to worry about if someone in your family has a constant runny nose or sore throat.

Your heating and cooling system can become compromised. Every fiscally smart person wants to get as much as they can out of their investment. A nice heating and cooling system can lose some of its lifespan if it’s forced to work with inefficient ductwork. This leads to decreased energy efficiency and extra wear and tear on your unit.

When to repair, and when to replace

How do you know when it’s time to replace your ductwork? Consider its age. Most ductwork lasts about 10-15 years, although some homeowners can enjoy more time. Also, keep an eye out for trouble signs:

  • Whistling noises when the fan is running
  • Uneven heating and cooling in your home
  • Strange smells
  • Higher energy bills

Remember, not every ductwork problem requires a replacement. Professional HVAC technicians can identify the problem and, in some cases, repair the ductwork so you’re back to clean airflow. (Contrary to its name, duct tape is not an effective DIY duct repair tool.) If someone in your home seems to always be sick, or if you’re hearing strange noises or noticing other ductwork trouble signs, Heating Specialties can help. Our HVAC technicians will examine your ductwork and recommend repairs or a total replacement. Contact the Heating Specialties experts at (866) 923-2653 or reach out online to schedule an appointment. What you can’t see may be hurting you. Keep your family safe and your home comfortable with Heating Specialties.

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