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What Scary Stuff Is Hiding in Your Ducts?

Halloween is just around the corner, but you may be creeped out even sooner when you learn what scary stuff is lurking in the ducts of your South Jersey home. But don’t let these creepy critters, mold, or dust keep you up at night; call the HVAC experts at Heating Specialties to get your duct system cleaned or replaced before the chill of winter arrives.

Dust and debris

The No. 1 thing you’ll find in your HVAC ductwork may seem innocuous, but dust and debris can cause significant issues to your home’s system. Did you know that 90% of cooling system failures are a result of dirt and dust buildup? And over just one year, an average-sized home of six rooms could accumulate up to 40 pounds! Eww!

How can you tell if you have a dirty duct system? Simple. If your air vents look dirty, your ducts are likely dirty, too. You may also notice higher energy bills or rooms that are difficult to heat or cool. A DIY fix for dust buildup is to change your air filter regularly, but if you’re still having issues, contact the HVAC professionals at Heating Specialties; we can repair, replace, install or service all kinds of duct systems.

Mold or mildew

Living near the water in a humid environment like New Jersey could mean more moisture in your home. We just ended the state’s most humid month of the year (September), and that humidity and moisture can turn into mold in your ducts. Mold can be a huge factor in your home’s indoor air quality and may increase allergies or illnesses. Suppose you’ve noticed your family getting sick more often or are concerned about elevated moisture in your home. In that case, our Heating Specialties technicians can inspect your ductwork and HVAC system for mold.


It’s not just the start of a scary story. If you hear slithering or swishing sounds in your ducts, you could have a snake nesting in your ductwork. These creepy crawlers can enter your home through gaps in your foundation or siding or even an open window or door. Because these reptiles are so fast, they quickly look for cozy spots like vents and ducts to stay hidden once they get into your home.

Rodents or insects

If you hear the pitter-patter of little feet, it may not be trick-or-treaters coming to visit. You may be able to hear mice, rats, or insects like cockroaches scurrying through the ductwork in your walls. Mice feces can increase toxins in your home’s indoor air quality, and rodents may chew on ducts (causing leaks) or necessary wires in your walls. And if you think a live mouse is straight out of a horror movie, wait until you smell a dead rodent in your ductwork. No matter the pests living (or no longer living) in your ductwork, we can help clear out your system and get your family breathing easy again.

Call us today at (866) 923-2653 or schedule an appointment online if you need our duct-cleaning services this spooky season. We’ll get your ducts cleaned up and fixed right, guaranteed!

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