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Are Your Windows Wasting Energy?

How much energy are you losing through your windows? Old and damaged windows allow warm air to sneak into your home and cold air to escape. If you’re experiencing an unusual increase in your utility bill as summer presses on, your windows may be the culprit. Let’s run through the underlying issues.


We know what you’re thinking: if my window had cracks, I’d know. But bear with us. In areas like New Jersey where climates are known for extreme changes in temperature, the beams, and supports that keep your home standing react to that change in temperature by expanding in the summer. This minor expansion (and contraction in the winter) slightly change the shape of the openings designed for your windows. As this process continues over the course of several years, the pressure placed on your window frames changes. When the pressure becomes too much and weakens the frame, it cracks. This can then fracture the window glass itself.

This slow and steady process doesn’t always result in major visible cracks. Check both your frame and your window for minor striations. If you’re interested in doing a thorough check, try one of these methods.

Structure Gaps

The frames and glass aren’t the only part of your windows susceptible to weather damage. Your window’s weather strips, calking, and sealants can also warp over time. When these parts become disfigured, they no longer fit neatly within the tracks designed for them, and gaps appear. In the worst of times, this can lead to the warping of your window. While you can replace the strips and sealants, there’s no helping a warped window.

Poor Window Design

Not all windows are created equal. Clear glass, for example, allows for more heat to enter your home than its low-E coated counterpart. To see an exact breakdown of heat loss based on window types, click here.

If your windows check out and your home is still too hot forcomfort, call Heating Specialties (866) 923-2653. Fixed Right, Guaranteed!

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