Tips to Cool Down Your Pup

How do you cool down during the summer? While you have theoption to dip in the pool, relax in the shade, or treat yourself to an icecream cone, your dog doesn’t have the same option. And when summer temperaturesrise into the eighties, you don’t want your pup to overheat. Give them a littleTLC. Follow these tips to take the ruff out of summer for your furry friend:

  1. Find some shade

You have your beach umbrella; your dog should have a largetree or covered patio area. If you’re looking hopelessly around your backyard,don’t worry, give thiscanopy a try.

2. Give them fresh water

Would you want to drink that water bottle you found in yourhot car? Your pet doesn’t either. Keep your pet hydrated by refreshing theirwater bowl throughout the day, and if you want to give them a special treat,add a couple of ice cubes!

3. Get rid of their extra hair

Think of all of their extra hair as your winter coat—wouldyou wear it to the pool? Of course not. Give your dog their summer body with afresh groom.

4. Consider a pair of puppy shoes

We all know the feeling of burning your feet on a sidewalkor blacktop. Don’t let your pup suffer the same fate! Carry your dog with youwhen you walk on hot surfaces, or invest in a pair of puppyshoes.

5. Let them chill out inside

Keep your pup comfortable inside your home during thehottest hours. When you have an air conditioning unitfrom Heating Specialties, you’re putting your pet in the best hands. 

Ensure you and your pet come back to a cool home this summerby calling Heating Specialties for a tune-up today (866) 923-2653 . Don’t forgetto ask us about our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!