Is It Time to Replace Your System?

Things tend break down when they’re needed the most. Whichbegs the question: is your system ready for the months ahead? Don’t get caughtin the dead of summer or an icy New Jersey winter without your system intip-top shape. Look for these signs of a failing system:

  1. There’s a strange smell in your vents.

            This couldbe a sign of burned hardware or a buildup of mold.

2. The unit is making unusual noises.

If your unit is making noise, contactHeating Specialties right away. Noises may be caused by broken parts thatcan result in costly repairs if not handled immediately.

3. You have high utility bills.

Your rising utility bill may be aresult of something other than the rising summer temperatures. If your unithasn’t been properly maintained, it can cause you may experiencehigher-than-normal energy costs.

4. The air isn’t flowing.

More often than not, a lack ofairflow is the result of a clogged filter. However, it can also be the resultof blocked ductwork.

5. The air isn’t cold.

There are a wide variety ofproblems that can cause warm air to blow through your vents, but the mostcommon include: low refrigerant, faulty thermostats, and bad compressors.

6. You purchased your system prior to 2004.

Most systems begin to deteriorateafter ten years, but major issues strum up at the 15-year mark.

7. Heating Specialties has done numerous repairs for you.

Outdated systems can’t be saved, nomatter how talented the technician. If you’ve recently undergone a string ofrepairs with no change in performance, it’s a strong indicator that you’reready for an upgrade.

8. Some rooms are cold, but some rooms are too hot.

            It could bea system malfunction, dirty ductwork, or inadequate insulation.

9. There’s dust everywhere.

If you wipe down your home and dustappears the next day, then you may have a problem with the coil in your coolingequipment.

10. Your system ranks low on HomeEnergy Yardstick.

Home Energy Yardstick by EnergyStar will tell you just how much of your bill is coming from your system. Onceyou see how much you can save with a new system, you’ll be dialing our numberto get a replacement!

How many signs does your system show? It just takes one toprove you’re due for a replacement. Call our talented technicians today tolearn more about your replacement options, potential savings, and our 100%satisfaction guarantee (866) 923-2653 .