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Dangers of Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers can make summers in New Jersey bearable. Asthe summer air becomes hot and humid, dehumidifiers work to remove thathumidity and reduce the potential for mold growth. When coupled with an airconditioner, they make your home comfortable all summer long. But no system iswithout its risks. Make sure your summer is comfortable and safe byunderstanding the dangers of dehumidifiers.

Fire Risk

Dehumidifiers are designed to run constantly withoutsupervision like your refrigerator. If you don’t maintain your device properly,the risk of fire increases. You should clean your dehumidifier regularly toavoid unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Change the filters, clean the grill toensure it’s clear of dust and debris, clean the coils (a quick swipe with asmall brush will do), and wipe down the fan blades to remove grime. Once yourdevice is clean, make sure there’s nothing blocking the grills before you turnit on.

There is a small chance of a manufacturing error leading toa fire. If you purchased your device prior to 2016, check the recalllist to make sure your dehumidifier is still safe to use.

Health Risk

Dehumidifiers are fan favorites among allergy sufferersbecause they stop the growth of mold and fungus when they remove moisture fromthe air.

The risk comes into play if you neglect to empty yourdehumidifier on a regular basis.  Ifwater stays in the device for too long, then all of those pesky molds and fungibegin to grow inside of it. You will then begin to experience the same allergysymptoms that you’re trying to prevent with the humidifier.Don’t let poor indoor air quality set back yoursummer. Call Heating Specialties today (866) 923-2653 to discuss all the ways we can improveyour indoor air quality

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