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How Can I Control the Humidity Level in my Home?

Control the humidity

Summer weather has made it to New Jersey, and that means hot temperatures and humidity. But with Heating Specialties, the sweat stops here! If you’ve noticed a lot of humidity inside your home, we’ve got a few steps you can take, both on your own and with the help of a professional, to control your home’s humidity.

Install a dehumidifier

High levels of humidity in your home can make your home feel warmer than it truly is. We recommend using a dehumidifier to save money on your utility bills and prevent additional wear and tear on your A/C unit. You can purchase a small dehumidifier for one room if you’ve found one specific problem area, or you can invest in a whole-house dehumidifier to be installed by a Heating Specialties technician that can improve the humidity level throughout your home.

Improve insulation

Your home likely has several areas where outside moisture can creep in and increase your home’s humidity. Better insulating these areas will help decrease the overall humidity level. You can use caulk to improve the insulation around your windows, pipes, and any wall cracks, especially in the basement and attic. The insulation will provide the added bonus of keeping your home warmer in the winter, too. A little insulation can go a long way in saving money on utilities all year long.

Dry surfaces after use

A simple way to reduce moisture in your home is to dry the surfaces you use most often. Wipe down the sink and counter after washing dishes and bathroom surfaces after taking a shower, bath, or brushing your teeth. Even a small water puddle can lead to more humidity. You can also reduce humidity by reducing the length and heat of your showers or by using better ventilation.

Better ventilation

If you are used to taking long, hot showers, you might want to shorten them a bit in the summer. The moisture from hot showers, boiling water for cooking, and even doing laundry can increase your home’s humidity level more than you may realize. If you can’t avoid using hot water, try opening a window or turning on a ventilation fan to help the steam escape. Running a portable fan can also help increase circulation in more humid rooms, like the kitchen or bathroom.

Schedule an A/C tune-up

If you have tried some of our DIY tips to improve the humidity in your home but still need extra help, call the professionals at Heating Specialties. Our technicians can perform a full-service air conditioning tune-up to check drain lines, drip pans, and the unit itself for any necessary repairs. Your drain and drip pans carry water from the humidity outdoors and are often overlooked by homeowners searching for humidity sources. We will ensure that your air conditioning unit is running in top shape so that your home is comfortable all season long.

If you need help controlling your home’s humidity, give us a call today at (866) 923-2653 or schedule a visit online. We’re happy to keep our South Jersey neighbors from sweating this summer!

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