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6 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Six signs a/c needs replaced

Now that it is July and New Jersey’s temperatures are rising, many homeowners are beginning to wonder if their HVAC will make it through yet another season. No matter how reliable you have been in the maintenance of your unit or how many repairs you have witnessed, eventually, your HVAC will need to be replaced. The key, however, is to see it coming so you aren’t completely surprised.

HVAC unit replacement is a costly home repair, but if you know some common signs to watch for, you may be able to start saving up or, even more importantly, make sure you don’t have to go too long without air conditioning this summer. Here are six common signs that you may need a new A/C unit.

1. Age

HVAC units have an average lifespan of about 10-15 years. If your unit is hovering around that mark, you may want to begin bracing yourself for the purchase of a new unit sooner rather than later. Even though you are using the best professionals available for your maintenance, you will eventually need to replace your HVAC unit.

2. Expired warranty

Once your HVAC unit’s warranty has expired, you may be on the hook for costly repairs if major parts stop functioning. Not only that, when your unit does require one of these repairs, you may have to weigh the benefits of sinking your money into an old appliance versus springing for a new one.

3. Malfunction

If you feel as though your home isn’t cooling down properly, despite your A/C running often, it may be a simple, small fix; or, it could mean your unit is beginning to fail. If your home is too warm this summer, check your vents to make sure cool air is coming out. If not, call one of the professionals at Heating Specialties to come and take a look.

4. Escalating energy costs

Although energy bills may rise during the summer months when you are running your air conditioning more often, they should still be well within a reasonable range. One way to tell if your unit is not functioning properly is to check out your energy bill costs over time to see when they increase. An HVAC unit that is not functioning efficiently anymore may need to be replaced with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

5. Wet, wet, wet!

Your HVAC unit should be able to remove a fair amount of moisture automatically from the air. If you feel that your home is much more humid than normal, your first step should be to call one of the professionals at Heating Specialties. We can diagnose whether the issue is a simple repair or something that indicates a larger problem with your air conditioning unit.

6. Bang, bam, boom

Banging, thwacking and whirring sounds aren’t what you want to hear from your A/C unit. If your HVAC is sounding more like a one-man band, chances are major repairs may be on the horizon.

Although nobody likes to think about spending a large amount of money on home repairs, having a properly functioning HVAC unit is important both during the height of summer as well as the depths of winter. Before temps get too high, check your unit to make sure it’s keeping your home cool, the air is relatively dehumidified and everything seems to be functioning at the level necessary to get you through the season.

If you need to replace or repair your air conditioning unit this season, look no further than the professionals at Heating Specialties. We offer upfront pricing as well as financing options, making system replacement as painless as possible. Call us today at (866) 923-2653!

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