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10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Ten A/C Problems

You can tell when something is wrong with your unit without being an air conditioning expert. Being aware of common signs that your A/C is malfunctioning helps in preventing breakdowns. Who wants to be stuck inside during a hot summer in south New Jersey with no air conditioning? At Heating Specialties, we know how to beat the summer heat. Learn the 10 most common air conditioning problems to be mindful of, keeping your family cool and carefree this June.

Air conditioner is always on

While it is normal for your air conditioner to run more frequently during warmer months, it should still cycle off periodically. An air conditioner that is constantly running has the potential to damage vital parts of your system while increasing your energy bills. Start by turning off the thermostat fan. If that does not bring the solution you need, it may be time to contact a professional.

Air conditioner unable to turn on

On the flip side, is an air conditioner that refuses to turn on. This can happen due to a tripped circuit breaker, loose wiring, or a faulty thermostat. Refrain from performing wiring repairs yourself. Our experts are skilled in delivering the exact repair your unit needs.

Blowing hot air

A unit that’s only putting out hot air may signify that you have a dirty air filter, there’s a block in your ducts, or debris is making your compressor overheat. Low refrigerant levels may also be to blame. Be sure to change your air filters every couple of months as a preventative measure.

Lack of airflow

Do you hear your air conditioning unit running but don’t feel it working? Often this issue is resolved by tending to your circuit breaker, blower belt, or refrigerant levels. By implementing a regular maintenance tune-up, you can rest assured you won’t find any hidden surprises. Learn more about our air conditioning services.

Water or refrigerant leaking

While more challenging to spot, this problem often presents itself in coolant lines. Brightly colored stains near your A/C unit and excessive condensation outside your unit are additional signs for which to watch. Line and connection degradation in your air conditioning unit are expected over time.

Strange smells

Musty odors or a burning smell are clear signs that your air conditioner has a problem. Electrical smells may mean there are wiring issues with the motor or that your system is overheating. Musty odors point predominantly toward improper drainage. Scheduling regular duct cleaning is a great way to prevent unusual odors.

Peculiar noises

Strange vibrations, grinding, or squealing noises are definite red flags. Be extra mindful of grinding noises as they usually signal problems with motor bearings. A regular maintenance tune-up ensures that all parts of your unit are protected and lubricated optimally.

Constant tripping of circuit breaker

We’ve discussed that a tripped circuit breaker can be the cause of many common air conditioning issues. However, when a fuse is tripped every time the unit cycles on, that signals a deeper issue. One reason for this is poor air conditioning installation. Our professionals are certified in all areas of HVAC installation and are happy to inspect your unit’s placement.

Unit turning off and on repeatedly

Also known as “short cycling,” this is when the air conditioner starts over and over again instead of completing a full cooling cycle. This can occur due to a dirty air filter or a miscalibrated thermostat.


An inefficient thermostat is a significant factor for many common air conditioning issues. Make sure your thermostat is level, not being affected by sunlight, on the correct setting, and that it is clean on the inside.

Our Heating Specialties team has been providing air conditioning services in South Jersey for more than 30 years. We are always ready to assist with new installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. To schedule a consultation, contact our team by giving us a call at (866) 923-2653 today!

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