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Common HVAC Problems Found During Home Inspections

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Are you in the process of buying a new home? Then you know how important it can be to have a full inspection before completing the purchase. Any inspection should include not only the appliances in the kitchens and bathrooms but also the HVAC unit. Many times, how well the previous owners maintained the system can be a key to understanding how they cared for the entire home.

Most inspectors will run into a few common HVAC problems. Some of these have to do with inconsistent heating and cooling. Drafts in the home itself, dirty filters and unattended evaporator and condenser coils can keep your HVAC unit from performing to its optimum level of efficiency. The last thing any new homeowner wants is to spend more on heating or cooling than necessary.

Furnace problems may also be a concern. Visible leaks of any kind can foreshadow larger problems in the future. Shaking or abnormal noises should be taken seriously, as these can mean the unit may need large repairs or replaced. The heat exchanger is an incredibly important part of the furnace that must be inspected as well. This particular part can affect the air your family breathes, so one that is malfunctioning can potentially cause gases such as carbon monoxide to leak into your new home.

If the HVAC unit seems old or unmaintained, this can be a warning sign that you may need to purchase a new one fairly soon. Moreover, proper installation and ventilation should be of top concern, as issues with leaking gas or mold can cause harm to you and your family. The experts at Heating Specialties can help alongside the inspector to ensure your unit is properly installed and the ventilation system is in working order.

Before you finalize the purchase of your new home or move your family in, take extra precautions to ensure that your inspector has thoroughly checked the entire HVAC system.

The professionals at Heating Specialties are also here to help you with any questions you have about your new home’s HVAC. Call us at (866) 923-2653 or contact us online.

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