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Ways to Stay Cool Without Adjusting Your Thermostat

Looking for some ways to stay cool once summer heat sets in? The professionals at Heating Specialties know that here in New Jersey, the deeper into summer we get, the higher we tend to crank the air conditioning.

Did you know that by dialing down your A/C settings, you can make a difference for both the environment as well as your energy bills? Wondering how to do that? Look no further, we have some great ideas for ways you can scale back on the use of your home’s air conditioning.

  • Install and utilize ceiling fans or even a whole house fan if you would like to make energy savings part of your summertime routine.
  • Make sure that you draw shades and close windows during the day to maintain a cooler temperature in your home. You can even purchase heat blocking curtains!
  • Awnings over the windows can help with this issue as well, minimizing the exposure of your home’s interior to sunlight.
  • Additionally, planting shade trees and greenery outside can help to protect your home from heat.
  • Do chores in the evening instead of during the heat of the day.
  • Choose to grill out instead of turning on the oven. Who doesn’t love a good summer cookout?
  • If you like treats, try drinking iced beverages such as tea and lemonade to bring your body temperature down during the day.
  • Homemade frozen treats such as popsicles and smoothies are also a great option, especially if you have children in your home.
  • Freezing wet washcloths in your freezer is another great way to keep everyone in your home cool on those hot summer days.
  • Some people sleep better in a colder room, and they may turn down their thermostat temperature. Instead, open the windows on cooler nights and place a fan in front of a window to keep air circulating.
  • During those hot and sticky nights when this doesn’t feel like an option, taking a cool shower before bed and using peppermint soap or body scrub can work well.
  • Changing your bedding to a cotton or linen fabric can also help to keep you cool at night.

Whatever your plans are for summer, you can try some of these tips to stay cool – without touching your thermostat! Ensure that your HVAC unit is ready for a heatwave by calling one of the professionals at Heating Specialties for a tune-up at (866) 923-2653. Then, give your A/C unit a break by following some of our tips and tricks. From our homes to yours, we hope you have a great start to your summer!

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