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Tips for Conserving Heat in the Winter

Conserving heat

Winter is here, and that means dropping temperatures on the East Coast. When you’re looking for tips to conserve heat in your home, Heating Specialties is ready to assist! We’ll keep your furnace running smoothly, your thermostat working efficiently, and your family comfortable at home all winter long.

Use the sun to heat your home

Opening the curtains or blinds during the day is a great way to let in more heat naturally. Harness the sun’s natural power to heat your home and create a sort of “greenhouse” effect during the day. However, once the sun sets, be sure to close your window coverings. Windows can be a source of heat loss at night, so even a thin cover can decrease drafts and coldness and help keep your rooms a little warmer.

Eliminate air leaks

Speaking of windows, make sure to seal your windows and doors to reduce drafts of cold air coming in. External doors are a prevalent source of drafts. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal doors and insulate windows with special curtains or transparent window film. Cold air can also leak into your home in unexpected ways, such as your A/C unit or electrical outlets, so let the experts take a look if you notice any drafts.

Circulate the air in your home

Ceiling fans are great for keeping you cool in the summer, but they can also help you stay warmer in the winter. Most ceiling fans have a switch that turns them clockwise vs. summer’s counterclockwise, which moves the warmer air that collects at ceiling level down into the rest of the room. Circulating the air with your HVAC fan will keep your home a little more comfortable and evenly distribute the heat.

Invest in a PROGRAMMABLE thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great way to stop arguing over the temperatures with your family. Schedule the temperature to lower while away or asleep and rise when indoors; this convenience saves money and increases steady comfort throughout the home. Whether you look for a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat, this investment will help you save money on your heating bill.

Schedule a furnace tune-up

Scheduling a professional tune-up for your furnace is one of the top ways to ensure that your home is adequately heated. Our heating experts will inspect the entire system to ensure that everything is running efficiently and then recommend any repairs or updates to keep it running as long as possible. And if you find you need a new furnace, we will help you select and then professionally install the best size and type of unit for your family’s needs.

If you need more help conserving heat in your home this winter, call Heating Specialties today at (866) 923-2653 or schedule an appointment online so that we can keep your family comfortable all season long.

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