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Questions to Ask Your HVAC Tech

Questions to ask HVAC tech

How much do you know about the HVAC system in your South Jersey home? Most homeowners don’t understand the technicalities of how their furnace or A/C works, but that’s OK. You can always call the experts at Heating Specialties to answer any of your HVAC questions. And today, for your convenience, we’re answering a few of the most common HVAC questions our technicians receive!

How can I improve the indoor air quality in my home?

Indoor air quality (or IAQ) is a common concern, especially in the winter. When your family is spending more time indoors, you’re more likely to notice the poor air quality, which can cause allergy symptoms and contribute to colds, the flu, and other illnesses. Some basic ways to improve air quality at home include frequently dusting, using low- or no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products, and changing your air filter regularly. Suppose you still notice issues with your IAQ. In that case, the professionals at Heating Specialties can install a mechanical air filtration system, air cleaner/purifier, UV germicidal lights, or an ionization device to help.

Why should I get my air ducts cleaned?

Another way to keep your home’s air cleaner is with regular duct-system cleaning. Professional cleaning doesn’t just improve your home’s air quality, but it also enhances airflow and increases energy efficiency. At Heating Specialties, we can also perform duct-system sealing and insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average duct system loses up to 20% to 30% of its air to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ductwork. If you notice high energy bills or difficult areas to heat and cool, contact us for an inspection today.

Which new HVAC system should I choose?

When it comes time to choose a new HVAC system, it’s essential to work with a professional to select the right size and type for your home. If your heating or cooling system is not correctly installed or the incorrect size is determined, you may see higher utility bills, early breakdowns, or other safety issues. At Heating Specialties, our technicians will perform a full home inspection to help you select the best option for your family and then professionally install it to ensure that it runs efficiently for as long as possible.

Are there any flexible financing options?

When looking into repairs and replacements for your HVAC system, the cost can sometimes seem overwhelming. But partnering with Heating Specialties means that we can offer you several convenient financing options (with approved credit) to complete your next home project. Whether you need an emergency repair or are upgrading a system on your timeline, our flexible financing means that you’ll be able to improve your home and keep your family comfortable.

If you have any additional questions for a heating or cooling professional, contact us today at (866) 923-2653 or schedule your next home visit online. We are proud to have been South Jersey’s trusted HVAC company since 1987, and we’ve remained in business for more than three decades thanks to incredible customers like you!

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