3 Things You Shouldn’t Buy With Your Tax Return and 1 That’s Worth It

giraffe stands inside of children's room with it's head breaking through the ceiling

Tax season is almost over, which means tax returns are upon us. And while we fully support Donna and Tom’s “Treat Yo Self” movement, we have to admit that there are some things we just shouldn’t spend our money on. If you want to maximize your tax return check, look no further. Heating Specialties has compiled three things you absolutely shouldn’t spend your return on and one you definitely should.

Don’t Buy: A Zoo Animal

Listen, we understand. You’ve got this big ol’ check and your mind immediately goes “giraffe,” or “monkey,” or “white-nosed coati.” But purchasing a wild animal requires a bunch of paperwork at best, and at worst is illegal in the state of New Jersey.

Plus, the Cohanzick Zoo is completely free. That’s right! You can save your tax return and watch whatever animals spark joy for absolutely nothing. (Want to spark joy for Cohanzick? Offer a little support).

Don’t Buy: A Gas Pump

Unless you’re an attendant who has received fuel dispensing instructions, using this purchase would be in violation of the Retail Gasoline Dispensing Safety Act. Thank you, next!

Don’t Buy: Gold Chocolate

Chocolate is a delicious luxury, but maybe it doesn’t need to be so luxurious. Gold chocolate can range from $294 for black truffles in a Swarovski box to a $1.5 million box from Le Chocolat. We think there are delicious alternatives at the grocery store that won’t break the bank.

Buy: A New Air Conditioning System

Use your tax return to ensure your family’s comfort for years to come. Take advantage of Heating Specialties’ pre-season special and save $300 on a new air conditioner. Go ahead, treat yourself.