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Control the humidity

How Can I Control the Humidity Level in my Home?

If you’ve noticed a lot of humidity inside your home, Heating Specialties has a few steps you can take to better control the humidity and temperature in your South Jersey home this summer!

Ten A/C Problems

10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Being aware of common signs that your air conditioning is malfunctioning is a great help for preventing breakdowns. At Heating Specialties, we know how to beat the summer heat. Learn the 10 most common air conditioning problems to be mindful of, keeping your family cool and carefree this June.

Family playing games

Favorite Summer Board Games

Do families still play board games with all the video game hype? Yes, indeed they do, and popularity grows each year with new board games hitting the scene. Can you guess the all-time favorite summer board game? Monopoly might come to mind first, but it’s not number one. Scrabble or Clue? Nope. First and second …

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