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Spring Into Action with a Cleaner HVAC System!

Pulling Weeds

Winter is finally on its way out, which means only one thing: spring cleaning! Before you begin scrubbing the baseboards and scouring the stove, you may want to give a little TLC to your HVAC system.

Your furnace worked hard to keep you warm all winter, and the time for switching over to air conditioning is fast approaching. So how do we make the transition a smooth one? Follow our cleaning checklist to make sure your HVAC system is tuned and ready for more work:

  1. Change your air filter. Filters have varying life spans depending on the type and brand, so you may need to read the user manual for your unit.
  2. Clean return vents and registers, fans, and other ductwork to ensure that they are clear from any obstruction. This will not only increase the safety of your home, but it will also make sure your system can continue to perform at its best.
  3. Remove any outdoor plants and weeds that could be encroaching upon your air conditioning unit, causing your system to run inefficiently.
  4. Clear any clutter from around your indoor vents. This not only creates a cleaner environment for you, but it will be easier for your HVAC system to function efficiently without any obstruction to the vents.
  5. Lastly, turn on your HVAC unit and allow it to run for the day to ensure proper functioning.

If you live in the South Jersey area and have any questions or concerns regarding your HVAC unit and preparing it for spring, give the professionals at Heating Specialties a call at (866) 923-2653. We wish you a clean and happy spring!

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