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How to Enhance the Look of Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Designed hardscaping

Let’s face it…your outdoor HVAC unit, while functional and very important, isn’t very stylish. But there are many ways to spruce up the look, or perhaps camouflage it among your landscaping, with a fairly low amount of effort.

Designed hardscaping

For those who are handy with a hammer and nails, putting carpentry skills to the test might prove fun. You can build or purchase a small fence to wrap around your unit or even a small roofed structure that protects your HVAC from the elements. If you have artists in your house, both big and small, you can paint or stencil a design onto the fence, that helps it to either blend into or stand out from your landscaping. Make sure to leave a gate so that the unit can still be serviced properly, as regular maintenance is important in the efficiency of your HVAC.

Planted landscaping

If you are more of the gardening type, you can surround your unit with a vertical garden, wall of flowers, or hedges and other landscaping. Just make sure that you choose plants that are not thorny, as technicians will not be able to service your unit if it is too difficult to reach. Furthermore, ensure that there is a path leading to and surrounding your unit so that plants do not encroach upon the unit, and technicians can reach panels with ease.

The finishing touch

With either of these options, fences or plants, surrounding your unit with crushed stone or small gravel keeps it both level and clean and also allows for drainage. Before you get on Pinterest or scour the web for ideas, make sure to give the professionals at Heating Specialties a call at (866) 923-2653. We can help ensure that your unit is properly functioning so that you can have an efficient, functional, and beautiful outdoor space.

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