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Sleeping with windows open at night – good or bad for you and your home?

sleeping with windows open

You’ve been waiting for this all summer. The temperatures are dropping into a comfortable range, with cool nighttime breezes tempting you to leave the windows open while you sleep. While sleeping to Mother Nature’s lullaby is tantalizing, is leaving the windows open at night a good idea? Heating Specialties of South Jersey takes a closer look at this common practice to help you decide whether to open the windows or stay comfortable with your HVAC system as we transition to cooler weather.

What’s so great about sleeping with the windows open?

We like to romanticize open windows on a cool fall night. Why pay for cool air when outside temperatures are cooler than the A/C settings? Open windows at night have their advantages, both for our bodies and our wallets:

Better sleep. Open windows can increase airflow and reduce indoor carbon dioxide, leading to better sleep quality.

Cooler indoor air. Most people fall asleep better when the temperature is between 60°F-67°F. If the outdoor temperature hovers in the 60s or below, you may find it’s just right for snuggling under a blanket.

Natural outdoor sounds. A gentle rain. Rustling leaves. Crickets and other nighttime critters. The most delicate sound machine can’t duplicate what’s outside your window naturally. If you like ambient noise at night, an open window is a free portal to some of the best sounds for sleeping.

Productive days. A good night’s sleep can make you feel more energetic during the day. If an open window helps you sleep soundly, you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits during the daylight hours.

Potential energy savings. Turning off the A/C and opening the windows may lower your energy bills. This is a tricky subject, though. Your A/C unit also removes humidity from your home. If the outdoor air is humid, your A/C may have to work harder during the day to keep the indoors comfortable. If you forget to close the windows during the day, the fall sun can heat your home quickly.

Why would you want to close the windows at night?

Open windows may not be as beneficial as they seem. Consider the drawbacks before you decide to keep them open at night.

Not all noise is peaceful. Nearby traffic, angry animals, or your neighbor’s stereo may keep you awake at night. If you struggle to sleep with these unexpected noises, you may prefer to keep your windows closed.

Allergens can make their way inside. Pollen and dust can tickle your sinuses and keep you coughing at night. Outdoor dust and dirt can create a film on your windows and furniture. If you must keep the windows open, consider an air cleaner or purifier to catch the aggravating culprits as they circulate in your home.

Weather can change quickly. It can be all clear when you go to bed, but nighttime storms will sneak in at night, bringing a wet deluge and a quick temperature drop. Open windows exacerbate the problem.

Security issues. If you’re uncomfortable leaving your windows open at night, keep them shut and stay satisfied with your HVAC system. Remember, fall is the perfect time for a furnace tune-up to ensure you’re ready for cooler weather.

As we move into the cooler season, Heating Specialties is ready to keep you and your South Jersey home comfortable, no matter what the weatherman is predicting. The weather may change, but our commitment to our customers stays the same regardless of what’s happening outside! Call the Heating Specialties team today at (866) 923-2653 or reach out online.

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