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Love the Idea of Consistent Temps in Your Home?

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It’s the middle of winter, and in this part of the country outdoor temperatures are unpredictable. Your indoor temps can also vary from room to room. That’s where we come in! At Heating Specialties, we want to make our South Jersey clients feel the love and warmth of their homes, which is why we offer zoned air systems. Take a closer look at how you and your loved ones can benefit from switching.

What is a zoned system?

Instead of just having one thermostat for your home, a zoned air system provides several individual thermostats. These act as dividers for your home, only controlling the area to which they’ve been assigned. They operate by using pneumatic dampers that act as valves in the air system. A zoned air system provides the freedom and equilibrium you’ve been wanting all year long.

Dazzling benefits

  • Comfort for all: Due to the separate zones this system can provide, all your loved ones can be comfortable at the same time! The kiddos can enjoy a warm playroom, while you unwind in a cool bedroom, with neither being affected by the other.
  • Maximum energy efficiency: Have rooms that are rarely used? Group them into their zone. When the colder months roll in, keep them at a cooler temperature. In the warmer months, raise their temperature. Doing this lessens the energy required to keep an entire home at one stable temperature.
  • Dependable: With individual thermostats that maintain different zones, your HVAC system requires much less effort to meet your standards. The reduced stress on your overall system, in turn, extends its lifespan and dependability.

Feel comfort in every room of your home by switching over to a zoned air system. Celebrate lower utility expenses on top of sustained comfort, increased energy efficiency, and dependability. Our trusted experts will deliver the most reliable service, guaranteed! Interested in working with us? Give us a call at (866) 923-2653 today!

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