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Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Spring Allergies

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Springtime is upon us. As trees bud and flowers bloom, the spread of pollen causes seasonal allergies to reach their peak. Fighting the battle against allergens inside your New Jersey home is a two-part process: Allow fewer allergens in and remove the ones circulating indoors. Here are several indoor air quality solutions for spring allergies.

Keep allergens outside

Easy changes in your habits can help prevent more allergens from entering your home. Avoid excess exposure to pollen by staying indoors on windy days. Close doors and windows to keep pollen outside. If you prefer letting the spring breeze in, be sure to use screens to limit indoor pollen levels. You can further prevent pollen and other allergens from spreading inside your home by changing your clothing as soon as you come inside.

Clean or remove items that collect dust

Upholstered furniture, throw pillows, blankets and stuffed animals are breeding grounds for dust mites. By regularly vacuuming or laundering these items you’ll reduce the opportunity for dust to accumulate, and dust mites to multiply.

Reduce humidity

By reducing humidity inside your home with air conditioning,  you will not only reduce the growth of mold and dust mites, but you’ll also be helping to keep outdoor allergens such as pollen from entering your home through open windows.

Schedule HVAC cleaning and maintenance

Ensure that your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency by changing your air filter every month. This important piece of your HVAC system traps and keeps dust, dirt, and other allergens from entering your home. When you schedule your seasonal tune-up with Heating Specialties, we’ll take care of this for you, along with an inspection and cleaning of your system by our trained professionals.

Here at Heating Specialties, we are committed to your family’s comfort through all seasons! Schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment today by calling us at (866) 923-2653.

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