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Electric Blanket Hazards & How To Avoid Them

Cat snuggled up in bed with a white pillow and gray quilted blanket

There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a longday and snuggling up in a warm blanket. But did you know that electric blanketscan pose a significant hazard? It’s true. Expertsestimate that electric blankets are responsible for an average of 5,000 housefires annually.

Follow these tips to continue enjoying your electric blanketsafely through the season:

 1. CheckYour Facts

            Youmay think you know the best way to care for it, but it’s best to read yourelectric blanket’s product label.

            It’salso a good idea to check to see if a national testing laboratory has certifiedyour blanket. If you cut off your tag to avoid unwanted scratchiness, don’tworry. You can also look up your blanket at the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

2. Nobody Puts Blanket in a Corner

            Youshould never put anything on top of your electric blanket (this includessitting on top of it). When this happens, it traps heat and creates an ignitionrisk.

            Forthis reason, electric blankets should always flat while in use. Bunching of thefabric creates a similar situation and subsequent ignition risk.

3. Don’t Hide the Cords

            Weget it. Cords can be unsightly and ruin all of the hard work you’ve put intodecorating your space. However, running wires beneath your mattress or behindyour bed frame creates friction and traps excess heat.

4. Turn It Off Like a Light Switch

            Astempting as it may be to fall asleep cuddled up in the blanket’s warmth, itincreases the risk of overheating the wires within. When your electric blanketisn’t in use, turn it off.

            Ifyou often find yourself lulled to sleep despite your best efforts, consider ablanket with an automatic shut-off. You get all of the comforts with far lessresponsibility!

5. Don’t Underestimate Damage

            Electricblankets aren’t a cheap purchase. So when you notice a little discolorationaround the wires or twists within the blanket, you may not want to toss it. Butthese small changes are indicative of a problem that you shouldn’t ignore.Reduce your risk and replace it for a new one.

Did these tips leave you a little apprehensive? You can skip electric blankets all together when your heating system is at its best. Call Heating Specialties to set up a service appointment today. (866) 923-2653