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DIY Home Air Fresheners

It’s a new year and time for a fresh start. Nothing makes you feel more at home than to experience smelling a fresh and clean-living space. Did you know your central air unit creates the perfect air-freshening system? At Heating Specialties, we want to make sure your South Jersey home is the comfiest it can be! By combining a few common household items, ensure your loved ones get a fresh abode with some homemade air fresheners.

Essential oil spray

For this, all you need is a small spray bottle, water, and essential oils of your choice. Simply fill your spray bottle with water and add two to three drops of the oil. Shake gently to combine. Commonly used oils are lemon and eucalyptus. Lemon essential oil not only acts as a deodorizer, it also enlivens the mind. Eucalyptus calms the senses while opening up the respiratory system. Spray the solution into the air vents in your home. When the furnace is active, the scent will refresh your home as it circulates. Reapply your mixture every few days to maintain the fresh smell. Have a room that needs an extra boost? Your essential oil spray can be misted through the air there as well! Also, be mindful that some essential oils are not pet friendly (i.e. tea tree oil, cinnamon, clove, etc). If you have pets then it would be a good idea to research which oils are safe.

Fresh-smelling laundry

We do not recommend adding dryer sheets to air vents, because it can block airflow and potentially unleash harmful chemicals. You can, however, create fresh-smelling laundry the DIY way! By placing a few drops of essential oils onto wool dryer balls, your laundry can smell like lavender meadows … the natural way.

Oil application to filters

The simplest of the three, you’ll only need your preferred essential oil for this DIY. When your furnace kicks on, the air is sucked through an intake and distributed throughout your home. An air filter inside the furnace protects the intake by keeping it clean. To ensure your system is working optimally, it’s best to change your air filter every few months. One way to freshen your home is to simply add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the filter’s fabric upon replacing it. The scent of the oil will pass into every room.

Relax and renew in the luxury of your home this winter with a homemade air freshener. Allow the scents to carry you into this new year with a clear and calm mind. As always, Heating Specialties is here to support you however we can. Give us a call at (866) 923-2653 to schedule a service today!

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