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Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Season, While Spending More Time at Home

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As the summer season in New Jersey draws near, we find ourselves admiring the simple pleasures of the warmer months. Flowers blooming, the smell of mowed grass, and spring rain showers all have us feeling the familiarity of the season in the wake of uncertainty during the pandemic.

Many may also find their energy bills increasing, simply due to more usage from families staying at home. Here are some energy-saving tips in hopes that this season, your wallet feels a little less strained!

The number one way to lower your energy bill is to keep a well-maintained HVAC system. This means replacing air filters so that your system does not have to work hard to circulate the air, cleaning the AC unit and vents, and making sure you have a professional tune-up. Our team at Heating Specialties can check over your entire HVAC system to ensure that everything is working properly, which will also allow your unit to function more efficiently this summer.

Some other things that you, as a homeowner, can do are:

  • Purchase a programmable thermostat to track your family’s energy usage and automatically regulate the temperature of your home.
  • Upgrade to better quality windows that will allow less cool air to escape during the summer and less heat to escape during the winter. Sealing windows can also contribute to energy savings.
  • Take advantage of natural ventilation and ceiling fans whenever possible.
  • Cook outdoors when you can, especially when the temperature becomes hot. Who doesn’t love a great summer cookout?
  • Check your home for thorough insulation and ensure that your attic is properly insulated.
  • Utilize drapes and blinds to block out the sunlight when possible so that less heat can make its way into your home during the hot summer months.

We like to ensure that our customers maintain comfortable living conditions inside their homes, even when temperatures begin to warm outside. Call the professionals at Heating Specialties today at (866) 923-2653 and get your HVAC system tuned-up in time for summer energy savings!

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