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Stay Green With a New HVAC System

Inside a Natural Gas Furnace

What if you could save money while saving the planet at the same time? Many homeowners are upgrading their homes to become eco-friendly. Not only does an energy-smart home contribute to a cleaner environment, but it also enables you to enjoy significant savings on your bills every year. A great way to start saving is to invest in a natural gas furnace, especially for the colder months to come. At Heating Specialties, we aim to make your South Jersey home a comfortable sanctuary. Here’s how a natural gas furnace saves you, your home, and the planet.

Saves money

Typically, gas furnaces have a higher upfront cost than their oil and electric counterparts. However, they are much cheaper to maintain and have overall higher efficiency ratings. Like any other compartment of your HVAC system, a gas furnace requires yearly maintenance. With proper care, your gas furnace can support you for an average of 15–30 years.


A big reason why many homeowners switch to a natural gas furnace is because of the reliability it offers their home. Any time there is a storm, there is a chance that electric power can be knocked out. If you are relying on oil to power your home, expect a wild fluctuation in price due to its ever-changing nature. Natural gas continues to work through a storm and is cost-effective because of the plentiful supply we have in the United States.

Protects the environment

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fuel because of how clean it burns. It is less taxing to the environment than electricity, oil, or even wood. On top of being a cleaner fuel source, using gas for your heating needs reduces the electricity demand for your region.

By being an energy-conscious homeowner, you will not only be helping your home and saving money, you’ll be saving the planet as a bonus! Heating Specialties is here to help you on every step toward making your New Jersey home the best it can be! Interested in working with us? Contact us online or call us at (866) 923-2653 today!

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