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Prepping Your Home for Summer Vacation

Prepping Your Home for Summer Vacation

Summer is here, and many New Jersey families schedule vacations to their favorite seasonal spots. Whether going out of town for the weekend or taking an extended trip, it’s essential to prepare your home. The last thing you want to worry about while on vacation is coming home to a home maintenance headache. So use the Heating Specialties team tips to prepare your home and your HVAC system for your next big trip.

Don’t turn off your HVAC system

If you are going out of town for a while, it may seem like a good idea to turn off your air conditioner or HVAC system. Wrong! Your air conditioner does more than keep the people inside cool and comfortable. It also helps maintain a proper temperature and humidity for your belongings (and any low-maintenance pets staying home from your vacation). Some types of wood furniture or flooring can be permanently damaged by too much humidity, so keep that A/C running.

Using a programmable thermostat

Just because you should keep your HVAC system on during vacation doesn’t mean that you can’t still save a little money and energy by adjusting the temperature while you are gone. Using a programmable thermostat will allow you to set up when you plan to leave and when you should be returning. You can set the temperature a few degrees warmer than usual, which will help you save over the long run but won’t harm your belongings. And upon your return, your programmable thermostat will have your home back up to your favorite temperature while you unpack.

Other helpful vacation prep

Along with setting a schedule on your programmable or smart thermostat, it can also be valuable to set a few of your lights on an automatic timer to make your home look occupied. Unplugging unnecessary appliances is advisable to prevent any potential fire hazards. And if you haven’t had your annual HVAC maintenance visit with the experts at Heating Specialties, scheduling before you leave could be the perfect time to ensure everything is in proper order while your family is away.

Do you need help readying your home’s HVAC system for your next vacation? Call the Heating Specialties team today at (866) 923-2653 or schedule a visit online to learn more about your thermostat and HVAC maintenance options for this summer.

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