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New Homeowner HVAC Tips and Tricks

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Congratulations on your new South Jersey home! Whether this is your first or 14th home, you’ll want to become acquainted with its HVAC system quickly. Different heating and cooling systems have varying requirements, and proper care and maintenance pay off in lower energy bills and more extended longevity. Heating Specialties Inc. is your professional HVAC partner and will ensure that your HVAC unit gets the required care. Check out our tips and tricks for new homeowners.

Getting to know your HVAC

Pull out the manuals (look online if the previous homeowner misplaced them) and get to know what’s heating and cooling your home. You may be used to a traditional furnace, but your new home has a heat pump. Or, you may be new to central air conditioning after living with window units for years. Particular info to look for:

How old is your system? Most systems have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. If you’re at the end of that period, ask the heating professionals at Heating Specialties whether a repair or replacement makes better sense financially and practically.

What type of system does your new home have? When did a professional HVAC technician last inspect it? What kind of fuel does it use?

Warranties may transfer with the home. Ask the homeowner or builder for the specifics on your HVAC unit.

Suppose the previous homeowners used a professional like Heating Specialties. In that case, you should be able to see the work performed on the unit. Has it had any maintenance issues?

Change your air filter regularly

Some people move into a new home and change the carpet or the wall colors. When you move into your home, change the air filter! This small action will keep your HVAC unit running more efficiently.

Give the unit a good cleaning and keep it clean

You’ll want to start with a clean slate and a clean HVAC unit with a new home. Clear away any debris around the outside unit and check the inside vents to ensure your furniture does not block them. Check your thermostat to make sure the system turns on and off as you adjust the settings. Consider scheduling a professional tune-up with Heating Specialties. Our HVAC technicians will pinpoint any troubles and discuss your options for repairing or replacing an older unit.

Check the ductwork

Go the extra mile with a professional duct cleaning and inspection. Remove the vent covers and use your vacuum to grab what dust and debris you see. If you have visible ductwork in your basement, check for gaps that affect airflow around the home You’ll begin your new home life with sparkling clean ductwork!

Consider a regular maintenance partner

If you’re new to the South Jersey area and looking for a reputable local HVAC company, consider partnering with Heating Specialties for all your heating and cooling needs. Let’s get acquainted before you have an emergency. Heating Specialties will keep your new South Jersey home comfortable throughout the year. Please give us a call at (866) 923-2653 or request service online. At Heating Specialties, it will be “fixed right, guaranteed!”

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