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Is Your HVAC Unit Costing More Than a New Unit?

when to replace HVAC system

Is your HVAC unit costing more than it’s worth? Many homeowners ask themselves this question, especially as they encounter more frequent breakdowns and repairs on an older team. You might tell yourself that you can’t afford a new HVAC unit when the reality is that your current unit is blowing through your budget. Your friends at Heating Specialties understand that you don’t want to sweat through another South Jersey summer. If you’re ready for a new HVAC unit, we will help you make this critical decision.

Read on to find out when you should consider replacing your HVAC unit.

Your unit is more than 10 years old

Are you tired of rising energy bills? We understand. The years fly by, and before you realize it, your “new” HVAC unit has been working for you for the past decade or more. After about ten years, the unit begins to deteriorate. Major parts break down, and you may face costly repairs. Energy efficiency also comes into play. According to ENERGY STAR, a new high-efficiency unit can save up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs.

Your unit fails the “5,000” rule

HVAC experts have a handy formula for deciding whether to repair or replace: Take the repair cost and multiply it by the unit’s age. If your number exceeds $5,000, consider replacing the unit. For instance, if you’re facing a $700 repair on a 6-year-old unit, you may opt to repair rather than replace it. If you’re looking at a $600 repair on a 9-year-old unit, it may be time to replace it.

Your unit is outdated

That’s a broad term. But your current HVAC unit may rely on R-22 Freon refrigerant, no longer produced in the United States. Instead of paying for a share of the remaining available R-22 Freon, you may be better off with a new, more advanced HVAC unit. As an additional benefit, newer refrigerants are less damaging to the environment.

Your unit is a safety hazard

If you’re noticing uneven heating and cooling in your home or your HVAC unit is starting to make strange noises, it’s time to call Heating Specialties for service. Our trained HVAC technicians can determine if a problem has an easy fix, like a broken fan, or if there’s a potentially hazardous problem, like a cracked heat exchanger. You cannot put a price on your family’s health and safety.

The deals are too good to ignore

Maybe you’ve wondered how you can afford a new HVAC unit. Heating Specialties has regular special offers on HVAC units. We can also help set you up with unique financing options

HVAC units have a natural lifespan before they begin to cost more to maintain than they would replace. If you are ready to find out more about which HVAC units Heating Specialties recommends and installs, call us at (866) 923-2653 or request service online. We understand you want to save money and enjoy a comfortable home, and we will help you decide when it’s time to consider replacing your current HVAC system.

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