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Is Your Home Safe From Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced by burning fuel in cars, engines, gas ranges, or furnaces. Over time, it can build up in your home and potentially poison you and your family. Your furnace is designed to contain carbon monoxide and ensure it never mixes with the air you breathe. But occasionally, something can go wrong, and the deadly gas can build up within your home’s interior. Fortunately, Heating Specialties of South Jersey is here to keep you and your family safe from this scary scenario.

What causes a carbon monoxide leak?

Your home’s furnace creates warmth by burning propane or natural gas in its burner before moving it into a heat exchanger. Air is blown over the heat exchanger, making it warm before it is distributed around your home through a ductwork system. While carbon monoxide is a byproduct of fuel combustion, your furnace has been designed to contain the gas within the heat exchanger. Any carbon monoxide is safely released outside via the furnace flue.

If your heat exchanger cracks, it can create a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard. Other common culprits include faulty water heaters, gas fireplaces, or ovens.

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be subtle and mimic the seasonal flu. Common symptoms include headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. Some victims lose consciousness and die before they show any other signs.

How is carbon dioxide detected within a home?

Battery-powered or battery-backup carbon dioxide detectors are the first line of defense against carbon monoxide poisoning. These detectors will alert you to your home’s dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every five years. Never ignore a carbon monoxide detector alarm. If your carbon monoxide detector alarm goes off, evacuate the home immediately and call 911.

While carbon monoxide detectors can save lives, they don’t always sound the alarm against lower carbon monoxide levels. These levels can cause the symptoms described above or build up over time to dangerous levels. An annual air quality test by the Heating Specialties experts can detect carbon monoxide in your home. Our test checks for common pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and radon levels.

How can you ensure your home is safe?

Our trained HVAC technicians can spot furnace problems during an annual maintenance check. Did you know that regular furnace maintenance can save money by lowering energy bills and preventing breakdowns?

Take the time to inspect other potential hazards within your home, such as chimneys, fireplaces, vents, and fuel-burning appliances. Do not rely on your oven, stove, or space heater as a primary heat source. Never run your car or truck inside an attached garage, even if the door is open. Seek medical help immediately if you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.

Stay safe with Heating Specialties! Heating Specialties cares about our customers. If you’re concerned about carbon monoxide in your South New Jersey home, call us at (866) 923-2653 or schedule an appointment online.

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