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How to Solve Uneven Heating & Cooling Issues

Uneven temp in home

Does your South Jersey home have rooms or corners that just never seem to get hot or cold enough? Uneven heating or cooling can be annoying, especially if you’re the one who is shivering in the coldest bedroom this winter! Luckily, Heating Specialties can help troubleshoot and tackle your intemperate troubles. You deserve to feel steady comfort at home!

What causes uneven heating or cooling?

Before the HVAC technicians at Heating Specialties can solve your uneven heating problems, they first must discover what’s causing the temperature fluctuations between floors or areas of your home. Sometimes the problem is obvious – we often see homes where the second-floor rooms are warmer than the first floor, especially after a hot summer day when the heat has had a chance to rise. Here are some other issues we may discover:

Your furnace filter is dirty. This may seem like a minor problem, but a dirty, clogged air filter can disrupt the airflow throughout your home, resulting in hot or cold spots. A new filter may be all you need for better heating and cooling.

Your air ducts are leaking. If your home’s ductwork system has leaks or cracks, the hot or cool air won’t make the full journey to the farthest rooms on the ductwork route. Check your ducts for leaks, holes, or poorly connected ductwork, or let the trained HVAC technicians at Heating Specialties look.

Certain areas of the home are baking in the sun or shivering in the shade. You may notice that your home’s southernmost rooms are warmer than the rest of your home. On the other hand, your lovely great room with the vaulted ceiling never seems to stay warm. Certain structural details of your home can lead to uneven heating or cooling.

Your vents are closed. Did you close the vent in your unused guest room and forget to open it for your visiting in-laws? Open the vent and keep it open! Closed vents may seem like a money-saving move for those empty rooms, but your home’s ductwork was designed to work together. Closing a vent can increase air pressure within the ductwork and potentially damage your HVAC system.

Your HVAC system is too big, too small, or too old.  Size matters. An HVAC system that’s too small will struggle to cool or heat your home. One that’s too big, on the other hand, may fill your home with hot air too quickly, giving the thermostat a message to turn off before it’s had a chance to warm the entire home. Finally, an older HVAC system may not be heating and cooling your home efficiently anymore. Most systems last between 10-15 years. If yours is getting up in years, it may be time to talk to Heating Specialties about a replacement.

Uneven heating and cooling remedies

If you’ve replaced your air filter and checked your ductwork and you’re still experiencing hot and cold spots, you may want to consider a zoned air system. A zoned system essentially relies on multiple individual thermostats to control the temperature of various areas, or zones, within your home. The zoned system relies on electronically controlled dampers that open and close to let the comfortable air move where it’s wanted – and stay away from spots that don’t need it. It may even save you money on your energy bills because you don’t have to hike up the heat in the entire house just to keep your bedroom warm at night.

A ductless mini-split system is another potential cure for the common cold spots in your home. These systems don’t rely on the existing ductwork within your home. Instead, they have their own outside compressor that’s connected to a wall-mounted indoor unit. A ductless mini-split system can cost less than a ductwork overhaul, and they’re a great way to address problem areas like that enclosed porch you added to your home a couple of years ago.

Finally, if your HVAC system is nearing its expiration date, it’s time to talk to Heating Specialties about a new system. Remember to check our offers page for special savings and discounts. You may also qualify for financing. A new HVAC system can seem like a formidable expense, but you may notice lower energy bills and a more comfortable home that you can’t put a price on.

Enjoy your whole home this winter with comfortable heating solutions from Heating Specialties. Call us now at (866) 923-2653 or schedule an appointment online to find out how we can help you stay warm.  Keep it warm and keep it steady with Heating Specialties.

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