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How Do You Know When Your HVAC is Costing You More Money Than a New Unit?

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Your HVAC unit is starting to show its age. It may begin to make strange noises when it kicks on. You may have had to call Heating Specialties of South Jersey a few times last year because your home wasn’t getting warm or cool enough. Or, you may notice skyrocketing energy bills growing faster than the new spring weeds outside your window. When do you admit that an old HVAC unit costs you more to keep than a new unit would cost to install?

First, you must look at the long-term costs. A new system costs between $5,000 and $12,000, according to Angi, although last year’s Inflation Reduction Act offers incentives and rebates that can lower the bottom line. Our special financing can make selecting a budget-friendly payment option easier. Indeed, we understand that most people would rather have no payments than budget-friendly payments. But a new HVAC system may offset the investment with lower energy bills, fewer repairs, and a more comfortable home for you and your family. Here’s how to determine if it’s time for an updated system:

Your system is more than ten years old.

That decade milestone means you’re getting into questionable financial territory with your HVAC system. Most systems are designed to last between 10-20 years. But even if they’re still working, they may be less energy efficient than a newer system. Mechanical parts can wear down over time, and repair costs may increase.

A repair estimate is more than half of the cost of replacing the unit.

You woke up to a cold house, and the Heating Specialties HVAC technicians sadly informed you that you’re facing a costly fix. Check first if the unit is covered under any manufacturer warranties. If not, consider investing in a new unit now. With Heating Specialties, you will receive straightforward pricing upfront, so there are no surprises.

Your home is too hot or too cold.

If the thermostat claims you should be comfortable but your family members claim otherwise, you may want to contact Heating Specialties for a service check. Sometimes these temperature anomalies can be caused by issues with the thermostat, which can be a relatively easy fix. However, if the symptoms point to a bigger HVAC problem, you may be In the market for a replacement.

You’re smelling interesting odors and hearing interesting noises.

Hearing your HVAC unit kick on and off as it cycles is normal. It’s normal for a furnace to have a slight burning smell when it’s turned on for the first time in the fall. It’s not normal to hear grinding or scraping noises. Nor is it normal to smell an overwhelming smoky or burning odor that doesn’t go away. These symptoms are cause for concern. Call for a service check immediately to prevent further damage to the unit.

You see signs of moisture.

If you notice moisture around your unit, call Heating Specialties right away. Your unit has been built with a drain to remove normal condensation that can occur during the cooling process. If you’re noticing standing water, you may be dealing with a leak or increased humidity in the ductwork.

The idea of a new HVAC system may seem overwhelming, but many homeowners enjoy years of home comfort with fewer breakdowns when they stay on top of HVAC technology. Remember, regular maintenance can add years to your unit’s lifespan, and ensure that a professional regularly check it for any problems. If you’re concerned about your unit’s age and want to talk to a heating and cooling professional about its longevity, call Heating Specialties now at (866) 923-2653 or schedule an appointment online. You can trust your home and family’s comfort to Heating Specialties.

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