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Four Energy Cost–Saving Tips While Being Stuck Indoors

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Your home is always there for you, especially during the months you need an extra layer of warmth. More time spent inside your South Jersey home means more energy usage throughout the day. If you’re not using energy consciously, you could find yourself with shocking utility bills. Thank your home for all it does by following Heating Specialties’ top four tips to keeping your bills to a minimum.

Home … unplugged

Your Blu-ray player, printer, microwave, video game console … these idle devices are constantly drawing energy. The individual wattage use of each of these may not be substantial, but when combined, they can account for roughly 10% of household energy usage. Turn off and unplug devices and chargers, not in use.

Don’t touch that dial

Homeowners who constantly adjust the thermostat use more energy than those who leave it alone. The constant fluctuation of the set temperature causes your heating unit to run inefficiently. The closer the set temperature is to the temperature outside, the less your unit has to work, and the lower your bill will be. If you need a layer of accountability in keeping your hands off, check out the plethora of available smart thermostats.

Change is in the air

Air filters trap everything that comes in and out of your home. Dander, dust, and bacteria build up over time, obstructing your unit’s airflow, causing it to work harder than necessary. This shoots your energy bills up. Show gratitude to your comfort system by changing your air filter every three months or when necessary.

Cold clothes

Run full loads using cold water when doing laundry, instead of warm or hot. Most of the energy your washer uses is from heating the water. Using cold water also allows darks and lights to share a load instead of separate energy-wasting smaller loads. Less loads = less energy used = lower bills = happy homeowner!

Bills are likely to go up with more time spent at home. Making small changes like unplugging unnecessary devices, setting your thermostat, changing your air filters, and switching to cold wash cycles can add up to big cost savings. And everyone can be thankful for that! Heating Specialties is here to help you every step of the way. Call us at (866) 923-2653 or contact us online to schedule a service now!

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