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Spring Cleaning Hacks

overgrown air conditioning

Spring in New Jersey, it’s finally here! As we put away winter coats and boots, it’s also time to think about spring cleaning and fresh air. This extends to a thorough spring cleaning of your HVAC system, so it can be there when you need it during a hot South Jersey summer.

The first item on any spring-cleaning HVAC to-do list should be checking, cleaning, and replacing the HVAC filter. This is a simple way to ensure the unit doesn’t become dirty or clogged and therefore maintains proper functioning. If your unit has a reusable filter, you can remove it from the encasement, vacuum around and inside, spray the filter with water to remove grease and grime, and then allow it to dry completely before replacing it.

Ducts and vents should be the next item on the list, as these can collect dust and grime during the year. Use a vacuum attachment to grab the larger bits of dust and debris from around the vent area. One hack is to simply use a butter knife covered in a soft cloth to dust the small slats of all of your vents.

Finally, make sure to clean any overgrown plants, weeds, sticks or other debris from around your outdoor A/C unit. This will make it easier for a technician to provide a spring tune-up or get to the unit if there is a problem. It will also ensure that the unit has adequate drainage and won’t get clogged.

Once you have taken these steps, be sure to give the professionals at Heating Specialties a call at (866) 923-2653. We offer specials on spring tune-ups and want to ensure that your summer is enjoyable and worry-free. Thank you for choosing us for all of your HVAC needs in the South Jersey area, and we hope everyone has a great start to spring!

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