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DIY Disasters Homeowners Should Avoid

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Becoming a homeowner is quite exciting! You officially own a space that turns into your oasis, and you get to decide how it looks inside and out. This can quickly become a do-it-yourself extravaganza! Projects around the house can be fun and challenging. Whether that be painting your kitchen or repairing the flapper valve on your toilet, satisfaction is almost always the result. It’s all fun and games until complex machines start getting involved. When you start running into problems with your HVAC system, that’s when you want to call in the professionals.

Here are a few reasons as to enlist the help of experienced technicians for your HVAC system’s comprehensive maintenance:

  • A dense jungle of electrical components – An HVAC unit has more parts than meets the eye. Air conditioners in specific are composed of various motors, electronic parts, and wiring. They all unite to use powerful electricity to properly condition your home. Circuit boards that appear to be trouble shootings and electrical problems, in general, can seem like a foreign language to the common homeowner. By mistakenly fidgeting with the wrong exposed wire, you can shock yourself in more ways than one!
  • An overflow of refrigerant – Every part of your HVAC system corresponds with specific tools and or gauges to properly perform a repair. Often homeowners will go ahead and fill the refrigerant without access to these highly specific pieces of equipment. An overflow of refrigerant leads to problems down the road for your entire unit.
  • Unforeseen expenses – You decide to go ahead and tackle your HVAC system on your own. You feel you have successfully tackled the job without a scratch on you – nothing seems to be out of place. What happened though? With how complex an HVAC system is, one may forget pivotal parts in the reassembly process. This can cause the heart of the unit, the compressor, to fail. Having this happen can dramatically increase your monthly expenses!

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that you are safe and that your New Jersey home is in proper hands! Don’t hesitate to contact Heating Specialties online or call us at (866) 923-2653 with all inquiries you may have. We are more than happy to help!

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