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6 Tips for Lower Energy Bills This Summer

Tips to reduce energy bill

Energy prices continue to trend upward. Combine these with inflation, and South Jersey homeowners may feel hot under the collar this summer when they open their energy bills. Chill out with these savings tips from Heating Specialties of Fairton, N.J., your HVAC system specialist.

Reducing your energy bill

Are you worrying about keeping cool while staying within your home budget this summer? We have some easy changes you can make to use energy wisely and efficiently.

1. Unplug appliances you aren’t using

Is your toaster on the counter, plugged in, and ready for that occasional Saturday morning bagel? Did your kids leave their phone chargers plugged into their bedroom outlets in case they have a low-battery emergency? Unused appliances may still be using electricity, and unplugging them might put up to $100 back into your pockets annually.

2. Use shade wisely

The afternoon sun can act like a furnace as it shines through your windows. Draperies and shades can keep your home cooler and take some of the heat off your A/C bill. Consider planting shrubbery or shade trees around your home for added comfort.

3. Seal the leaks

Winter isn’t the only time we worry about cold air seeping under a door. You’re paying good money to keep your house comfortable – don’t let the cool air escape through rotten seals around doors and windows. While at it, fix any leaky ductwork in your home so the cool air doesn’t dissipate as it makes its way to the living areas.

4. Invest in a programmable thermostat

That old-school thermostat may be outliving its value. Newer programmable thermostats may be more reliable and allow you to put your home on a temperature schedule. Fido and Fluffy won’t care if the temperature goes up a little during the day when the humans are at work and school, and you’ll save money. WiFi programmable thermostats let you raise and lower the temperature from an app on your smartphone, which is handy when you’re on vacation and realize you need to adjust the A/C at home.

5. Change your air filter regularly

Your home’s air filter can become dirty and clogged with dust, pollen, and other pollutants trying to get into your home. A clogged air filter forces your home’s HVAC system to work harder, which requires more energy. Replace your air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations – usually at least every three months.

6. Invest in HVAC maintenance

Did you forget to spring for an A/C tune-up earlier this year? Are you one of those people who constantly fail to prepare? It’s still possible to schedule one with Heating Specialties. Our Heating Specialties trained HVAC technicians will give your system a thorough inspection and cleaning, checking for leaks and making minor repairs on the spot. They’ll tighten any loose connections and replace frayed wires that could be causing problems with your unit. More importantly, regular maintenance may catch issues while they’re still small and before they become an expensive repair bill. Ideally, you should schedule tune-ups in the spring and fall to cover your A/C and heating systems. Please take advantage of our yearly maintenance plan!

You’re too cool to sweat it out this summer! Don’t let high energy bills ruin your summer. Talk to Heating Specialties now at (866) 923-2653 or schedule your appointment online to discuss money-saving maintenance and repairs.

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