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10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improve indoor air quality

As the temperatures plummet, we may prefer to stay inside our South Jersey homes, cuddled under fuzzy blankets with warm drinks in hand. Now is the time to ask yourself if your indoor air is as clean as it can be. You may not see it, but the air inside your home may harbor pollutants, allergens, dust, mold, or even carbon monoxide. Fortunately, Heating Specialties of South Jersey is your indoor air quality expert in NJ. Stay comfortable and healthy with these ten tips for improving indoor air quality.

1. Change your air filter(s)

Your home’s HVAC system includes an air filter to trap dust, debris, and other pollutants in the air before it circulates throughout your home. A clogged air filter can add additional stress to your HVAC system and reduce air quality. Air filters should be changed regularly according to the manufacturers’ directions. While thinking about air filters, consider other filters around your home. Vacuum filters, hair dryer filters, and other filters deserve a thorough cleaning.

2. Vacuum and dust regularly

Can you write your initials in the dust on your dining room table? We’re not judging, but it’s time to thoroughly clean. Keep the dust from circulating by nabbing it while it’s still hanging on your furniture and other surfaces. Use your vacuum attachment, or give them a good shake occasionally. Remember, dust can also accumulate on draperies and rugs.

3. Groom your furry friends

Fido and Fluffy bring much love into your life, but they can also carry irritating dander or outside dirt. Regular bathing and brushing can help. (If you decide to bathe your cat, please post a picture online.)

4. Run your furnace fan

Your HVAC fan usually kicks on during a heating or cooling cycle, forcing air through the air filter and around your home until the cycle finishes. If you set your blower fan to “on,” it will stay on even when the system isn’t running. This circulates your air through that important filter and enhances the cleaning task.

5. Clean your ducts

Your home’s air moves through connecting tunnels under the floor and behind your walls. These ducts may be out of sight, but what you can’t see may hurt you. Over time, dust, dirt, dog hair, and even an occasional critter can reside within the ductwork. Every time air flows through the duct; it grabs some of the mess and deposits it around the air in your home. You may be able to do a quick cleaning job with your vacuum attachment or ask our HVAC professionals for better ways and recommendations that can get the job done better than your household vacuum.

6. Monitor carbon monoxide levels

Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless gas that can become poisonous at higher levels. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector to keep your family safe.

7. Use indoor plants

Do you lack a green thumb? Mother Nature knows how to freshen the air. Indoor plants can pull contaminants from the air and enhance your home’s interior design. Consider low-maintenance plants like ferns or snake plants, which are easier to grow and maintain.

8. Let in fresh air

Every once in a while, South Jersey enjoys a warm weather spell during winter. If we’re enjoying some unseasonable warmth, crack open a few windows to circulate fresh air around your home.

9. Invest in an air cleaner

Do you know the difference between an air cleaner and an air purifier? An air cleaner uses a filter to capture larger pieces of pollen, dust, and pet dander. An air purifier relies on technology like negative ions, heat, or germicidal lamps to sanitize your air. Need help determining which choice is right for you? Heating Specialties can help you choose the right air quality solution for your family’s specific air quality needs.

10. Schedule HVAC maintenance in South Jersey

Your HVAC system does more than heat and cools your air. It also works as the sentinel to your home’s air supply, grabbing irritants before they enter and wreak havoc on your sinuses and overall health. Regular maintenance can pinpoint problems before they cause big trouble and wallop you in the checkbook. Contact Heating Specialties at (866) 923-2653 or reach out online to schedule a furnace tune-up. Our Heating Specialties HVAC technicians can also discuss air quality solutions that will keep your family healthy this winter and throughout the year.

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